How to Sign In to BlockSurvey after logout

Pre-requisite: You should have your account's secret key to sign in.

1.Launch BlockSurvey.

2.Click Sign in.

3.If you want to Sign in using the Email, you must enter the OTP and the Secret Key.

4.If you want to Sign in using BlockSurvey Wallet you will only need your Secret Key.

5.If you want to Sign in using Leather Wallet you just need to select a specific Leather Wallet account.

6.If you want to Sign in using Social authentication (e.g. Apple, Google, Discord, GitHub) you will only need your Secret Key.

💡Tip: Uh-oh, lost your secret key? No worries! Quickly recover and regain access to your account by checking out our 🔑 Key Guide!

That's it! You are now logged into your BlockSurvey account. Remember to sign out and don't leave the session open on non-personal devices.

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