Can I be notified when I receive responses?

Yes, BlockSurvey supports email notifications. 

You can subscribe for email notifications to get alerts asynchronously whenever you get a new response. 

Note that this is an instant notification and is intended for long term surveys with small volume of responses. Best used to collect feedback on websites using Widgets.

Here is quick step by step guide on how to setup email notification for responses.

  • Open the survey / form
  • Click on the settings / gear icon
  • Go to Notification tab 
  • Enter email id, email subject and hit Subscribe

*Note: Your data cannot be read by BlockSurvey. They're encrypted and we can't open it. So, we can not send the actual responses through email. However, we can let you know when you get one asynchronously. Be assured that there are zero trackers or hidden pixels in the email. It is safe.

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