How to share respondents submission copy to their email?

Prerequisite: Get things started by configuring your email provider. Find out how to set up Gmail or Outlook as your email provider. You can also choose other email providers as well from the list.

Here is a quick guide on how to do it:

  1. Add an Email component as one of your question types in your survey or form to get the respondent's email id.
  2. Under Settings -> Notifications -> Email Notifications -> Respondent Notification select Send a notification to as the question that gets the respondent's email id in the survey. 
  3. You can add the subject and body of the mail and check the Send a notification with a detailed response box to select the details that must be shown to the respondent.
  4. And click Subscribe.

Can I be notified when I receive responses? Click here!

Give it a try! When the respondents complete the survey successfully their results will be notified through email.

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