How to integrate Zapier with BlockSurvey

Here is our step by step guide on how to integrate to Zapier

Setup Webhooks in Zapier

1. From Zapier Dashboard, click on "Make a Zap."

2. Select 'Webhook.' 

3. Select 'Catch Webhook' as 'Trigger Event' and hit 'Continue.' 

4. You'll see the 'Webhook' URL as shown(highlighted below). This is the webhook URL to be used in BlockSurvey for integration. Copy this URL for further use (Needed for Step 7). Next, click on 'Continue'. 

5. Click on 'Test trigger.' By this, Zapier is waiting for a response to be received. 

6. Go to the 'Integrate' tab in Blocksurvey builder for adding this webhook. 

7. Add the webhook address / URL from Zapier and save it.  Note: Remember to remove the application/json header from 'Custom Headers' for Zapier. 

8. Send a "Test request." On success, you'll see the response with status as "success." 

8. Go to 'Zapier' and see if the message is received. On success, you'll see a message like below. 

9. On continue, you'll be able to map these responses and take them to other apps. Here is a tutorial on what fields to map. Here is a sample screenshot of how to integrate with Google Sheets. 

Identifiers are Survey Response Answers [Question Id] [Question Name]   - Look for these fields to map. 

If you need any assistance in setting up in Zapier, feel free to reach out to us. We are here to help you. 

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