How to integrate Pabbly with BlockSurvey

Here is our step by step guide on how to integrate to Pabbly

Update: Pabbly has included Blocksurvey as an App. Now you'll be able to select from the App list. 

Setup Webhooks in Pabbly

1. From Pabbly, Create a new workflow

2. Add a name and save it. 

3. Choose ' Webhook' from the app dropdown or 'BlockSurvey.' 

Pabbly BlockSurvey Integration

Pabbly selector

4. Copy the Webhook URL(this is the URL to be used in BlockSurvey). 

5. Click on 'Capture Webhook Response.' 

Integrate Pabbly into BlockSurvey

1. From BlockSurvey, Go to the ' Integrate' tab in BlockSurvey builder. 

2. Select ' Webhooks.

BlockSurvey Integration

3. Click on.' Add New Webhook' below. A new Webhook entry window opens. 

4. Add a Webhook name for reference. 

5. Add the  copied URL from Pabbly to the URL field. 

6. Send Test Request to Pabbly from BlockSurvey. 

7. Check Pabbly for the request received. Sample screenshot below. 

8. Identifiers are  survey_response > answers with question names as highlighted above. These fields are to be mapped for further workflow in Pabbly. 

9. On success, 'Turn on the status to.' ON' in BlockSurvey webhook and save it. 

10. Now, when a new response is received for the survey, it will flow to Pabbly.

This is it! If you face any challenges integrating Pabbly. Please write to us at [email protected] 

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