How to build a survey that gives respondents their results immediately

With BlockSurvey, you can show respondents their results immediately in different ways.

  1. You can display the result instantly by using the Score variable in the Thank You screen.

  1. Enable Show download response on the Thank You screen. This provides respondents with the ability to download a copy of their response after submission.
  2. Send respondents an email.
    • Under Settings -> Notifications -> Email notifications -> Respondent Notification, select the question that gets the respondent's email ID in the survey in Send a notification to.
    • Add the subject and body of the email, and check the Send a notification with a detailed response box to include the Score and other details that should be shown to the respondent and click Subscribe.
  3. Try this tutorial! Learn how to show different outcomes to the respondents as a result based on the scores they received.

On submission of the survey, the respondents would instantly know their results.

Give it a try! And create an interactive and personalized assessment experience for your respondents.

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