How to create an outcome based assessment

Here is a quick guide on creating an outcome-based assessment

How do we create questionnaires and assign scores?

In this tutorial, let's create a survey from the template.

  1. Go to Templates and search for GAD 7.

  1. Select GAD 7 and click Use Template.
  2. Now that you have cloned the template. Let's look deeper into how it is built. 
  3. There are 7 questions, and there is a right answer for each of them. A score is also assigned.

  1. Review the Assignment section for each question to see how the scores are set. 
  2. Based on the answers the respondent selects their score gets added up. 

How to calculate the score?

By default, all numeric inputs are added to the Score variable under Settings -> Assignment & Formulas -> Numeric Expressions. We can also create our expressions to calculate in BlockSurvey.

Now, look at the new expression total-score that is created to calculate the overall score.

Here we have multiple Thank you screens so have a look at them and see how the display logic is set for each screen. 

Publish and share the survey. On submission based on the total-score, we will be able to display a different outcome to the respondents.

Give it a try! See how you can use outcomes to create an interactive and personalized assessment experience for your respondents.

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