How to use question reference?

What is a question reference in forms and surveys? 

In BlockSurvey, each new question has a system id that uniquely identifies a question. Today it is a string of characters/machine-generated(UUID).

BlockSurvey allows you to change it to a human-readable id. By this, it is easy to use in pre-fill answers, hidden variables, and for automation using webhooks. 

Each question has this 'option' as shown in the screenshot below. 

Question Reference in Surveys

How to use question reference?

1. Useful in prefill answers and hidden variables. 

For human-readable and shorter URLs, set your own question reference. Screenshot below. 

2. Use it in webhooks

Today, webhooks in automation platforms like Zapier, Integromat, Pabbly, Integrately identify data based on values using key ids.

E.g., An email field in BlockSurvey's forms and surveys has unique IDs for every new creation. And this makes it difficult to consume data in a single integration. Say you want to consume all the email ids coming from 10 different forms/surveys in BlockSurvey using a single webhook; it wouldn't have been possible. It would be possible by setting all email id's question reference to 'email' or 'some-consistent-name' to capture. 

This prevents or avoids unnecessary services/hooks in integration tools and helps in better management based on use-cases. 

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