How to randomize questions?

Randomizing questions on a survey can improve the accuracy of survey results. If a set of questions is asked in a fixed order, some respondents may use specific responses to guide their answers to later questions. For example, respondents may be less likely to report an intention to seek treatment for an illness if they see that the question about treatment was asked after a question about a history of the illness. When questions are asked in a randomized order, this potential bias is avoided.

Sometimes randomization is also called Shuffle in the survey world. 

How to randomize questions?

1. Open your form or survey. Go to the builder. 

2. Click Settings -> Enable question Randomization as shown below.

3. Select the 'Start' and 'End' questions. You can use this to randomize only a certain portion of the questionnaire. 

4. Also, you use the individual questions 'skip question randomization' option to be not part of randomization. 

How to randomize answers?

Randomization of answers is available for a single-choice, multiple-choice questions. It is available under 'Options'. 

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