How to prefill answers to forms and surveys?

If you regularly use the same forms and surveys, such as for reviews, feedback collection, and many more.  

Make the forms and surveys be pre-filled with the data you have in responses to help people complete them quickly.


1. Customer feedback after a purchase. Pre-fill information, such as other customer names and email id. 

2.  Churn Survey. Pre-fill information, such as customer-id and email id. 

3. Course feedback. Pre-fill information such as course name and course presenter. 

How to prefill form or survey?

1. Go to 'Share' screen -> 'Custom URL.'

2. In Custom URL, go to Prefill answers. 

3. Add sample values and hit 'save.'

4. Use the sample URL structure to programmatically pre-fill values when sending out URL. 

Here is a sample URL for you to test 👉 Prefill survey example

In the above example, the name is prefilled, and we are asking only for the rating. 

Prefill is also helpful when distributing surveys through email. You can avoid asking for email IDs in such scenarios since you already know them and pre-fill them. 

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