How to pipe answers to another question's answer

Answer piping allows you to insert the answers from a previous question into a later question.

This feature is available for single-choice, multiple-choice, ranking, and matrix question types.

For example, consider a survey with the following two questions:

Question A: What are your top three dishes?

Options: Pizza, Burger, Rice, Pasta, Curry Wurst.

Answer: Pizza, Rice, Pasta.

Question B: How would you rate your favorite dishes Pizza, Rice & Pasta, in terms of their healthiness?

If Question B is a matrix type: 

Rows -> Pizza, Rice, Pasta.

Columns -> Very Healthy, Not Healthy. 

How to use answer piping?

  1. Select the Pipe Answer option under the question in your survey or form. 
  2. Choose the question you want to source your answers from. There are three options: All the choices, Unselected choices, and Selected choices.
  3. Publish and Share it with the respondents.

Sample to try below.

Give it a try and make your survey more interactive.

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