Are you HIPAA compliant

At a high level, BlockSurvey is not a data controller nor a data processor. All the data you collect is encrypted end-to-end, and you own your data. Only your account and its keys can unlock to see the data. You own all the Patient Health data you collect, and only you can see it. You are in custody of the data you collect.

BlockSurvey has zero knowledge about your data. This makes the BlockSurvey customer a data controller and a data processor.

To be HIPAA compliant with your data providers, you must sign a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement stating that the data ownership and control is at your side using BlockSurvey.

If you are looking for a Data Processing Agreement(DPA) to be HIPAA compliant, we sign with customers who are in the Annual Premium and Team Plan.

If you need more details, feel free to write to [email protected] or open a support ticket from chat.

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