How to add conditional logic / skip logic

Conditional / Skip logic allows you to create a personalized survey experience for your respondents by directing them to specific questions based on their answers.

This helps to make your surveys more intelligent and conversational, and it gives you greater control over the questions that are asked.

They are also referred to as custom flows/branches in surveys.

Every question has a Logic tab to add the conditions.  

Let's look at how to build a Net Promoter Score(NPS) using Logic

Criteria: If respondents rate us 9 or above. We will end the survey and no questions asked. If not, have a follow-up question asking for feedback to improve. 

  • If the rating is 9 and above, end the survey.
  • If less than 9, show "How can we improve the Experience?".

Try it out! Best of luck as you incorporate logic into your questions.

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