What is the difference between surveys, polls & forms and can I create them using BlockSurvey

Surveys, polls, and forms are all ways to collect information from a group of people. The main difference between them is the type of information they collect and how they collect it.

A survey is a form with questions specifically designed to gather information about people's experiences, preferences, wants, and needs. Surveys are usually longer and more in-depth than polls or forms, and they often involve asking a series of questions in order to gather detailed information about a particular topic.

A poll is a simple survey with just one question. Polls are used to collect people's opinions on a specific topic.

A form could be anything—a survey, a poll, an order form, a quiz, an RSVP sheet, or anything else where you need to gather data. 

Today, using BlockSurvey, you can create any of them of your choice.

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