Can I share the live responses and analytics

Absolutely! BlockSurvey makes it super simple for you to share both live responses and analytics. Follow this step by step guide:

1. Head over to the Responses page for live responses or the Analytics page for live analytics.

2. Click on 'Share'.

3. In the popup, under the Live tab give your report a name.

4. Click 'Create.'

Just copy and share the URL it gives you. If you've got a website, use the Embed code to put the live report right there.

Note : For added security, you can include a password or email gating for the live responses / analytics. Plus, you can choose what items you want to display on the live report.

Ready to give it a spin? BlockSurvey's got your back, making sharing live responses and analytics a breeze. Share those insights and have fun with it! 🚀

If you are still running into issues, contact us at [email protected] at any time.

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