BlockSurvey Release Notes

October,  November 2020

  • Ranking / Sorting Component
  • Multiple Choice Matrix Component
  • Individual/Single response view for results
  • Slider Pop Up Embed
  • Stripe payment in forms. Current in test mode
  • Redirect to parent domain for subdomains used in BlockSurvey. 
  • Bug fixes for quizzing and calculators

September 2020

  • Add your own custom fonts to the Brand kit.
  • Brand-able error pages. You'll not see Blocksurvey pages if the 'Thank You' screen has your branding logo.
  • Import and Export of forms/surveys from settings.
  • Custom placeholder messages at the question level.
  • Performance improvements across the product.
  • Delete response. 
  • Share reports publicly. 

August 2020

  • Calculator - Assignment, Expressions / Formulas for calculation
  • Hidden Variables
  • Recall information / Piping. Use @ to set values dynamically. 
  • Multiple 'Thank You' screen-based on display logic. 
  • HTML embeds on questions. 
  • Add a bulk choice for a single choice and multiple choice. 
  • Custom domain / CNAME with auto SSL. 
  • Custom URL with meta information for social sharing. 

July 2020

  • Document / File Upload. Use it to collect files.
  • Added 10 new fonts.
  • Webhooks for external integration. Connect to Zapier, Integromat, and Pabbly.
  • New response indication on the dashboard.
  • Full Page and Pop Up embed code for easy integration.
  • Show popup in the center for custom widgets.
  • Removed branding on QR code.
  • Added Response date to results.
  • Resize option for branding logo.

June 2020

  • Custom Video Embed
  • Pexels Integration for a video library
  • Basic Calculator with Quizzing - Phase 1. Full release in July. 
  • Brand Kit
  • Turn off - question number.
  • Preset - country code for phone number
  • No branding Loading GIF
  • Image resize
  • Custom redirection on Submit
  • Question randomization
  • Custom opinion scale
  • The survey progress bar - shows the completion percentage.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for traversing in the dashboard.
  • Improved taking screen UI / UX

May 2020

  • Save as my template - create private templates to reuse for future use. 
  • Favorites - create quick shortcuts for easy access to your most frequented surveys or forms. 
  • Folder management - better organization of surveys and forms. 
  • Receive an email notification for responses

April 2020

  • Question Component Prediction. Intelligence is built in to assist with selecting the question component as you type. It's time-saving and keeps you productive. 
  • Unsplash for images. Now you can set millions of images as background for your surveys. 
  • New components: Statement, Website, Phone Number, Country, Consent

March 2020

  • Customer Experience Components - NPS, CSAT, CES
  • Excel-like grid for results

February 2020

  • Sentiment Analysis and Word cloud for textual data
  • Design and Share forms through Widgets

January 2020

  • New BlockSurvey Dashboard for work-space management
  • 200 Templates

December 2019

  • Email templates for sharing
  • Background themes
  • Skip Logic

September, October, and November 2019 - v1.0 Launched.

  • Relaunch of BlockSurvey with new branding and colors
  • New UI / UX focused on productivity.

June, July, August 2019 - v0.1 MVP

  • Blockstack for Decentralized Identity (DID)
  • Gaia Storage for Decentralized Storage
  • Text, Long Text, Single Choice, MultiChoice, Drop Down and Rating Components
  • Share surveys/forms using URL, QR Code
  • Basic bar and pie charts to visualize the data collected