BlockSurvey Release Notes

Here at BlockSurvey, we are frequently releasing new features, checkout the BlockSurvey Blog to learn more about major features! 

If you're still curious, we've also left some highlights below. 

August 2020

  • Calculator - Assignment, Expressions / Formulas for calculation
  • Hidden Variables
  • Recall information / Piping. Use @ to set values dynamicallly. 
  • Multiple 'Thank You' screen based on display logic. 
  • HTML embeds on questions. 
  • Add bulk choice for single choice and multiple choice. 
  • Custom domain / CNAME with auto SSL. 
  • Custom URL with meta information for social sharing. 

July 2020

  • Document / File Upload. Use it to collect files.
  • Added 10 new fonts.
  • Webhooks for external integration. Connect to Zapier, Integromat and Pabbly.
  • New response indication on dashboard.
  • Full Page and Pop Up embed code for easy integration.
  • Show popup in center for custom widgets.
  • Removed branding on QR code.
  • Added Response date to results.
  • Resize option for branding logo.

June 2020

  • Custom Video Embed
  • Pexels Integration for video library
  • Basic Calculator with Quizzing - Phase 1. Full release in July. 
  • Brand Kit
  • Turn off - question number
  • Preset - country code for phone number
  • Unbranded loading GIF
  • Image resize
  • Custom redirection on Submit
  • Question randomization
  • Custom opinion scale
  • Survey progress bar - shows completion percentage
  • Keyboard shortcuts for traversing in dashboard.
  • Improved taking screen UI / UX

May 2020

  • Save as my template - create private templates to reuse for future use. 
  • Favourites - create quick shortcuts for easy access to your most frequented surveys or forms. 
  • Folder management - better organization of surveys and forms. 
  • Receive email notification for responses

April 2020

  • Question Component Prediction. An intelligence built in to assist with selecting the question component as you type. It's time saving and keeps you productive. 
  • Unsplash for images. Now you can set millions of images as background for your surveys. 
  • New components: Statement, Website, Phone Number, Country, Consent

March 2020

  • Customer Experience Components - NPS, CSAT, CES
  • Excel like grid for results

February 2020

  • Sentiment Analysis and Word cloud for textual data
  • Design and Share forms through Widgets

January 2020

  • New BlockSurvey Dashboard for work-space management
  • 200 Templates

December 2019

  • Email templates for sharing
  • Background themes
  • Skip Logic

September, October and November 2019 - v1.0 Launched

  • Relaunch of BlockSurvey with new branding and colors
  • New UI / UX focused on productivity

June, July, August 2019 - v0.1 MVP

  • Blockstack for Decentralized Identity (DID)
  • Gaia Storage for Decentralized Storage
  • Text, Long Text, Single Choice, Multi Choice, Drop Down and Rating Components
  • Share surveys / forms using URL, QR Code
  • Basic bar and pie charts to visualize the data collected
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