How do I redeem my promotion codes or coupons?

Using the promotion codes or coupons

BlockSurvey and our collaborators also distribute discount codes or coupons. Such exclusive deals can be used to claim access to the BlockSurvey account.

This article discusses how to redeem the codes/coupon and how to track its status. 

Before you begin

Where to enter your promotional code/coupon

  • Login into BlockSurvey.
  • Click the Profile on the top right corner.
  • Choose the Billing. 
  • Under "Billing," select "Have a coupon code?".

  • Enter your promotional code/coupon.

  • Click Redeem.

Check your redemption status.

  • On success, the plan detail gets updated on the Account page. 
  • If not seen updated immediately, try reloading the page once. 
  • If not seen at all, please reach out to us from the help icon or email at [email protected] We will help you out right away.

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