How to Sign Up using BlockSurvey wallet

Join the thousands of subscribers worldwide who enjoy data ownership with BlockSurvey!

Here is a quick guide on How to sign up for BlockSurvey using the BlockSurvey wallet for the first time.

  1. Launch BlockSurvey.
  2. Click Sign up for free / Get Started.
  3. Click  Sign up with BlockSurvey Wallet.
  4. Click Download and Continue to download the secret key to your machine.

Note: You'll need this secret key every time you log in to a new session, so make sure to save it or write it down somewhere safe. Don't share it with anyone and don't lose it - if you do, it can't be recovered.

That's it! you have successfully logged into BlockSurvey using your BlockSurvey wallet! You're all set to start using the platform.

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